Yangtze River Cruise

yangtze river

The riches of the Yangtze River

Witness the region's rich array of wonders on a luxury cruise.

Embark on an extraordinary journey as you weave your way through the heart of China on a luxurious cruise along the Yangtze River.

The Yangtze River is the world's third-longest river at 3,917 miles with it’s source in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, in western China, it empties in East China Sea near Shanghai.

It has served as a means of transportation for 2,000 years. Settlements sprang up on the banks of and near the Yangtze River very early in the history of human civilization and is where China grows the majority of its rice.

Discover the captivating Three Gorges, one of nature’s most spectacular sculptures carved along the Yangtze River. On your journey you will also have the opportunity to visit the Three Gorges Dam, Fengdu Ghost Temple and Shennong Stream.

Sail with our partner Sanctuary Retreats on the recently refurbished boutique-sized ship, Yangzi Explorer. While on board you can enjoy Tai Chi classes or learn calligraphy. Take part in Chinese Cooking classes, enjoy a game of Mahjong or test your creativity in a silk embroidery workshop.

With only 124 guests on board, you'll enjoy a more intimate cruise with a 1:1 staff-to-guest ratio. Your cabin comes with a private balcony and outdoor seating, as well as access to the gym, library, theatre and beauty salon. Immerse yourself in Chinese culture with traditional music and dance performances with nightly entertainment on board.

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