Japan Experiences

Destination: Mt Fuji and Chureito Pagoda

japanese temple

Explore the ancient traditions of Japan

Let the gentle, thoughtful attention to detail of the Japanese calm your soul as you explore and discover the many wonders of this charmingly contradictory and unique wonderland.

Japan is a country that is experienced in the details – the elaborate and elegant presentation of traditional food, the restaurants and shops hidden high in buildings, only found by looking up at city skyscrapers.

Our luxurious Japan experiences are crafted for you discover the ancient and the modern details in comfort and style.

Encounter the bright city lights of Tokyo, lovely Hakone and the Five Lakes District home to the magnificent Mt Fuji, stunning Kyoto and Miyajima Island where native deer roam free as well as the now-flourishing Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

On our Japan experiences you’ll travel on the famous Shinkansen bullet train in Business Class luxury and stay at the most elegant, innovative first-class hotels and relaxing ryokan, sample the freshest sushi and sip the finest sake. Our itineraries also include Osaka, Nara and exciting seaside port Fukuoka.

Gaze in wonder at the ornate and beautiful Buddhist temples, bask in the simple serenity of Zen gardens and breathe in the ancient Shinto shrines as well as experience the hustle and bustle of the city streets of Tokyo, fascinating shopping districts and wander the cobblestone streets of Gion where you’ll encounter Maiko and Geisha.

Choose your own Japan experience from 12 to 17 days or take part in the ultimate journey through China and Japan on our new 25 day North Asian Odyssey tour.


The difference is Scenic

We take luxury to the Nth Degree.

All first-class accommodation, cruises, rail journeys, transfers, dining experiences and even gratuities are included in your Japan experiences with us.

Experience the innovative efficiency and comfort first-hand on the Shinkansen bullet train, travelling in Business Class. Stay in the opulent world-class Conrad Tokyo and Hilton Osaka hotels, and our Scenic Special Stays in other destinations are all of the highest standard all remarkable for their iconic status, heritage, character and location.

2 geishas under a parasol

Enrich your journey with Scenic

Our Journey Designers have hand-crafted itineraries and experiences to bring you the best and most Japan has to offer.

The Scenic experience combines the ease of luxury travel with a selection of hand-crafted itineraries made up of our signature Enrich experiences and Freechoice activities providing the Scenic traveller with exclusive access to some of Japan’s hidden secrets.

Scenic Enrich

Our unique, all-inclusive Enrich experiences are special, multi-sensory cultural activities that are entirely exclusive to the Scenic traveller.

As part of your Japan experience, we Enrich your stay in Kyoto with a rare opportunity to interact with a Maiko, an apprentice Geisha during a meal presentation. These traditional hostesses are often elusive and it is considered very good luck to spot a Geisha on the street, here you’ll have the opportunity to discover more about the training involved to become one of the elite.

In Tokyo, it will be your turn to dress in an exquisite kimono to participate in a traditional tea ceremony, a window into a time-honoured tradition.

person holding a teapot

Scenic Freechoice

Our Freechoice activity options provide you with the flexibility to take the days on your Japan experience with us as you like by selecting from a vast range of sightseeing options and activities conveniently arranged into Active, Moderate and Relaxed paces.

From peaceful seaside strolls through the and maple-leaved Maizuru Park encasing the ruins of sixteenth century Fukuoka Castle, to the bustling mega-mall shopping heaven of Canal City in Fukuoka to an emotional visit to Peace Park in Hiroshima.

Or even a scenic cruise along Lake Ashinoko with Mt Fuji as your stunning backdrop – it’s your Freechoice.

city of hiroshima

tokyo night scape

Destinations and experiences

The essential Japan is unveiled for you.

In Tokyo, explore the historic buildings of the Yanaka and marvel at the Sensoji, the oldest Buddhist temple in Asakusa before taking a luxurious scenic cruise along the Sumida River. Visit the beautiful Imperial Shinto Meji Shrine, in the west of Tokyo.

Stroll along the architectural showcase Omotesando Walk or relax in the picturesque Shinjinku-Gyoen Garden before doing some shopping at the lively Shinjinku entertainment district. We Enrich your experience of Tokyo by a dinner cruise on a yakatabune, an old-fashioned houseboat where you will enjoy the bright lights of the city from Tokyo Bay.

Visit the Sumo Stadium and Museum in Ryogoku and for the quintessential Tokyo experience, dare to cross the famous Shibuya Crossing, just in front of Shibuya Station, known as ‘The Scramble’.

In the Five Lakes District, your Japan experience includes a gentle cable-car ride up to the eerily beautiful Owakudani geothermal area. Sample the region’s famous ‘black eggs’, hard-boiled eggs cooked in the thermal springs and blackened by the natural sulphur – they’re said to add seven years to one’s life. A cruise along Lake Ashinoko with the glorious Mt Fuji as a backdrop is breathtaking.

Observe industrial robots perform around the Toyota factory. Step off your rejuvenating Shinkansen train into historic Kyoto, home to many World Heritage-listed sites including the beautiful Philosopher’s Walk and the Fushimi Inari Shrine made up over four kilometres of vermillion torii gates, featured in the movie ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’. Enjoy an elegant Kyomai traditional dance performance in the Gion District.

A visit to Peace Park in Hiroshima and Nagasaki is an emotional experience, and one of hope as both areas are flourishing today.

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