Embark on one of our colourful South America tours

From the exotic wildlife to the vibrant ponchos, every scene in South America appears to be a celebration of existence.

Join us on tours through passionate Argentina and mountainous Chile, past the smiles of Peru and the islands of Ecuador and into the enchanting landscapes of Panama and Cuba.

Catering to an average of 32 guests, our tours in this region offer an unrivalled level of comfort and personalisation. Each journey is meticulously planned to best showcase the destination, which means that you may find yourself travelling in a luxury coach, small sprinter, tuk-tuk, 1950s car, train or an eight seat 4WD.

Whichever transport choices we select, you can be sure to receive the same all-inclusive luxury service, with everything from touring activities to tipping and gratuities included.

There has never been a better time to book a luxurious South America tour in 2017 or view our offers for 2018.

The wonders you will find

There is also an exceptional range of luxury hotels to look forward to on these itineraries, with stays in a former monastery in Cuzco (Hotel Monasterio by Orient-Express), and a hotel rated by TripAdvisor as one of the best hotels in the world in 2012 (Tambo del Inka Resort and Spa).

To ensure that your South American experience is as enjoyable as possible, each of our tours is hosted by one of our professional Tour Directors. Responsible for managing every step of your trip, they will be there to plan the indulgent experiences, such as a relaxing spa treatment, and the practical necessities, like your personal oxyshot canister and bottled water.

South America tours in 5-star luxury

This vast and exotic continent boasts some of the world’s most primal rainforests, not to mention its most vibrant cities and beautiful beaches.

And, with Scenic, not only can you look forward to exploring them at length, and in considerable depth, but also in unbridled 5-star comfort. Your tour will include:

  • Your luxury coach travel
  • Luxury 5-star hotel accommodation, or the finest available at that location
  • Scenic Special Stays – selected hotels that are even more notable for their geographic or luxurious character
  • An experienced Scenic Tour Director to guide and assist you
  • The services of our Scenic airport representatives
  • All tipping, gratuities and porterage.
  • Your welcome and farewell dinners
  • Return airport transfers
  • Knowledgeable local guides
  • Scenic Freechoice – a program that allows you to choose activities that interest you, and at the pace you prefer
  • Scenic Enrich – handpicked experiences, exclusive to Scenic guests, that you’ll remember fondly for years to come.

Cultural experiences

There is far more to our South America tours than just a visit to the iconic sites of Machu Picchu and Christ the Redeemer. While we will take you to all of these wondrous sights, we will also provide you with an opportunity to connect with the locals and discover their way of life.

Scenic Freechoice

Scenic Freechoice is a program of activities that allows you to pick and choose between excursions and dining options, enabling you to prioritise those things that interest you most. Not only does that mean you get to see those aspects of South America you really want to, you also enjoy your holiday at the pace that suits you.

Would you like to trace Earnest Hemingway’s footsteps in Havana, or would you prefer a horse and carriage tour? Do you find a historical tour of Lima appealing, or are you more in the mood for a spa treatment?

With Scenic Freechoice, it could be either, or neither. You decide.


Scenic Enrich

Scenic Enrich is a series of exclusive events intended to provide unique and enriching experiences that you’ll continue to look back on fondly, even when your tour is no more than a distant memory. These events are exclusive to Scenic guests, and simply not open to other travellers.

Meet local dancers in Buenos Aires and enjoy your own private tango display. Cruise the streets of Havana in 1950s vintage automobile.

Whatever unmissable experience you get to enjoy, rest assured – it will be both thoroughly memorable, and unrepeatable. Enjoy.


Scenic Sundowners

Scenic Sundowners are bespoke cocktail events for Scenic guests to toast the day’s end in remarkable locations all across South America.

What could be better than ending a remarkable day by sharing your experiences with friends against a truly idyllic backdrop?

Enjoy tapas style dinner with drinks in the Sacred Valley, or whisky on 500 year old ice on the Perito Moreno glacier. That certainly calls for a toast.


A range of transport

Each journey is meticulously planned to best showcase the destination.

You may find yourself travelling in a luxury coach, small sprinter or tuk-tuk one day, and a vintage car, train or eight seat 4WD the next.

Whichever transport choice has been selected, rest assured – you’ll receive the same 5-star luxury service, with everything from touring to tipping and gratuities included.


Fully escorted tours

To ensure that your South American experience is as enjoyable as possible, each of our tours is hosted by one of our professional Tour Directors. Responsible for managing every aspect of your trip, they’ll be there to help you arrange your little indulgences, such as relaxing spa treatments, as well as practical necessities, such as your personal oxyshot canister, and bottled water in the Peruvian Highlands.


Discover a staggering array of cultures across South America



With vibrant cities, beautiful beaches, and a culture that embraces music and dance, Brazil is a land that writhes, heaves and pulsates with passion.

Get to see Rio’s Christ the Redeemer, and to immerse yourself in the irrepressible rhythm of daily life. Of course, this is a place with more than its share of natural wonder too – from the mighty Amazon to the breathtaking Iguazú Falls.




The Panama Canal and the Casco Antiguo, Panama City’s historic district, are two sights that should be on every bucket list.

One of the greatest engineering feats in the history of mankind, the Panama Canal is one man-made wonder that you’ll find every bit as awe-inspiring as the great works of Mother Nature. And along with the other cultural jewels on offer, the Casco Antiguo will provide a very refreshing counterpoint.




From pristine Patagonia to colourful Buenos Aires, from the flamboyance of its tango dancers to the beautiful severity of its glaciers, Argentina is a land that will draw you in and sweep you away.




Chile shares the pristine wilderness that is Patagonia and boasts the world’s driest desert, stunning glacial fields, regal volcanoes and geysers, beautiful beaches, majestic fjords, idyllic islands and world-class wines.




Cuzco, Machu Picchu, the Sacred Valley of the Incas, the Amazonian jungle, the floating island of Titicaca – Peru’s marvels include ancient ruins, natural splendours and a uniquely colourful and expressive culture.

Share those wonders with us, and discover the story of the ancient Incas while exploring the Peru of the present, with its wonderful cuisine, its beautiful people, and its distinctive music and art.




Ecuador is a kaleidoscope of natural wonders. You’ll discover a place quite unlike any you’ve seen elsewhere. Be charmed by its impressive volcanoes, its exotic flora, its wild and lush rainforest, and its striking coastline.

Then, beyond its wonderful mainland, visit the unique Galápagos Islands, famed for their many unique species, and for inspiring Charles Darwin in formulating his theory of evolution.




A former Spanish colony, this stunning Caribbean island can seem like a step back in time.

With its heady mix of music, street art, vintage cars and cigars, the capital Havana is indeed suspended in another era. Get to learn more of its turbulent history, and to enjoy the beauty of its bright crystalline waters.




Have you thought about enhancing your journey with one of our tour extensions? Perhaps you would like to extend your stay in Santiago to savour Chilean wines in a boutique winery and explore the Barrio Lastarria district?

Maybe you would like to spend a longer period of time in breathtaking Patagonia? Or is it a spectacular cruise in the Galápagos or the Amazon that you are after? To discuss your extension options please contact us here. Otherwise click below to view extension options.