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Discover Antarctica in ultra-luxury with Scenic Eclipse

Let Scenic Eclipse take you to the Earth’s most mysterious and mythical stretches. 
Our 6-star ocean cruises in Antarctica will immerse you in lands of pristine beauty and breath-taking wildlife. Go beneath the surface with a once-in-a-lifetime submarine tour, or navigate the spectacular waterways of Paradise Bay via our fleet of sea-ready Zodiacs.
Antarctica is awash with incredible scenery and unique wildlife, and Scenic Eclipse will take you closer than ever before. Book an Antarctica cruise and witness fur seals and King penguins in their natural habitat from the safety of our on board submarine* during our Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands itinerary.

Take our kayaks for a paddle around blue-tinged icebergs as part of Scenic Freechoice and get the chance to observe minke, humpback and killer whales (orcas) up close during our Antarctica in Depth itinerary. Or visit the final resting place of Ernest Shackleton in Grytviken, whilst exploring South Georgia.

Why visit Antarctica...

  • Wildlife
    Home to an abundance of wildlife with vast colonies of penguins, seals and pods of whales. Every day will be a feast for the senses, a veritable parade of wildlife.
  • Adventure
    Travelling to the base of the globe is a long-held dream for many. Savour rare chances to witness a part of the world few have stepped foot upon.
  • Discovery
    Whether it be an on board lecture about Shackleton’s epic story, gliding through the marine-rich waters of Antarctica in a kayak, or coasting on a Zodiac in front of enormous glaciers, your journey with Scenic Eclipse will be one of surprise, wonder and enrichment.
  • Sightseeing
    Remote, pristine and undeniably beautiful, Antarctica is unlike any other place on earth. A land of vast white icescapes, mountains that have never felt human footfall and an abundance of wildlife that will take your breath away.

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Why travel to Antarctica on board Scenic Eclipse?

  • State-of-the-art Safety
    Scenic Eclipse sets the standard in ocean cruising. Your safety is our highest priority and Scenic Eclipse has been built to ensure the highest international safety standards. Scenic Eclipse uses custom-built stabilisers that are 50% larger than those of other ships and will provide greater stability as it navigates the waters.
  • Excursions and Discovery
    From our active discovery excursions by Zodiac, kayak, snorkelling, snow shoe or e-bikes, to Scenic Freechoice activities, you’ll have absolute freedom throughout your Scenic Eclipse cruise to select whatever is your preference. Whether you’re a keen naturalist, adventurer or art lover, we have a choice for you.
  • Spacious all-verandah suite accommodation
    Every one of the 114 spacious and beautifully designed suites features a private verandah, a separate lounge area and Butler Service. Akin to the finest hotels in the world, staying in a Scenic Eclipse suite is one of the greatest ultra-luxury experiences you’ll ever have.
  • Truly All-Inclusive Luxury
    When you travel with Scenic, everything is taken care of for you with all-inclusive dining and beverages, Senses Spa, gym, yoga and Pilates studio and indoor and outdoor swimming and plunge pools.
  • Helicopter & Submarine Experiences^
    Let our state-of-the-art Airbus H130-T2 helicopters take you above and beyond the horizon. Enjoy an underwater experience like no other, journey to the depths of the ocean on board Scenic Neptune, Scenic Eclipse's customised submarine.
  • Discovery Team
    The Scenic Eclipse Discovery Teams are experts in their fields. They will share their insights into the environment, history and culture of each region and their personal highlights so you are ready to explore the many new horizons that await onshore.
  • Scenic Eclipse Difference
    Scenic Eclipse delivers the ultimate Antarctica cruise experience with only 200 guests in Antarctica and the Arctic.
^Helicopter, helicopter experiences and submarine at additional cost, subject to regulatory approval, availability, weight restrictions, medical approval and weather and ice conditions. Helicopters are unable to operate in South Georgia.  

Your peace of mind

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Experience the benefits of ocean discovery voyages.
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Flexible Booking
Defer or cancel your travel plans up to 60 days prior to departure with our Flexible Booking Policy available on river and ocean cruising.
Health & Safety
Travel with Confidence
Our commitment to each guest and crew’s health, safety and well-being remains our key priority.

Scenic Eclipse

We invite you on board Scenic Eclipse, the World’s First Discovery Yacht™. Explore the far horizons of the globe led by a team of experts whose passion and enthusiasm will help you unlock all the wonders of the destinations to which you are travelling, and the sheer enjoyment of travelling on this world-class luxury vessel.
Scenic Eclipse isn’t like any other cruise ship in the world. She is essentially a mega-yacht, designed and looking far more like a yacht than any traditional cruise ship. Yet she is one of the most technologically advanced vessels.

Perfectly designed for safe navigation through all waters and sensitive marine environments, she has an ice class rating of Polar Class 6, the highest of any luxury vessel, coupled with state-of-the-art technology, GPS dynamic positioning system, forward bow thrusters and an electronic Azipod propulsion system.

The on board technology allows us to operate efficiently in compliance with and in excess of all of the current environmental regulations in each and every port we visit around the world, and in particular the very vulnerable places like Antarctica and the Arctic, where we leave a very small footprint.

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Discover the extraordinary wonders of the world in truly all-inclusive ultra-luxury on board Scenic Eclipse, The World’s First Discovery Yachts™.
Inspired by the sleek contours of a sailing yacht and custom-built with an unwavering commitment to safety and excellence in design, Scenic Eclipse combines a wealth of world-class facilities with the opportunity for unrivalled exploration. Our handcrafted itineraries are full of rare moments and extraordinary experiences, from the sublime beauty of the polar regions and the magnificent Norwegian Fjords, to the sun-drenched Caribbean and the history and cultures of South America and the Mediterranean. Explore our Scenic Eclipse video collection and get ready to discover the next generation of ocean cruising.

Antarctica FAQs

We answer your questions about cruising in Antarctica
Q. What should I pack for an Antarctica cruise?
A. A trip to Antarctica is an incredible and exciting experience, particularly if it is your first time. However, knowing what to pack for Antarctica can be somewhat difficult, with many first time polar travellers typically over packing, because they are uncertain about what to bring. Read our Essential Packing Checklist for our top recommendations of what to pack for an Antarctica cruise.
Q. What wildlife could I see in Antarctica?
A. The Antarctic Peninsula is home to an abundance of wildlife with vast colonies and species of penguins, seals and pods of whales. The amount of wildlife guests have the opportunity to observe on an Antarctica cruise is what sets this destination apart from any other place in the world and what makes it so utterly unique. To find out all the wildlife species you could see on an Antarctica cruise, read more here. 
Q. What is the difference between Antarctica and the Arctic?
A. Antarctica and the Arctic are positioned at opposite ends of the world, and there are many differences between these two Polar Regions. Kara Weller, Discovery Team Leader for Scenic Eclipse provides her top ten differences between Antarctica and the Arctic here.
Q. Is an Antarctica cruise safe?

Your safety is our highest priority and Scenic Eclipse has been built to ensure the highest international safety standards. Scenic Eclipse uses custom-built stabilisers that are 50% larger than those of other ships and will provide greater stability as it navigates the waters.

With a Polar Class 6 rating, forward bow thrusters and an electronic Azipod propulsion system, Scenic Eclipse is able to safely navigate through Arctic and Antarctica waters. This dedication to your safety, environmental protection and world-class innovation has allowed us to design the most inspiring and exciting itineraries possible.

Q. When is the best time to travel to Antarctica?
A. With exceptionally cold winters, no sunlight and treacherous winds during April to September, the only time accessible for humans to explore the last great wilderness of Antarctica is during the warmer months of late October to March. This is when the sea ice starts to melt, allowing ships to cruise through its pristine waters. Read more about the highlights of each month to help you decide when to travel to Antarctica >
Q. What destinations will I visit on an Antarctica cruise?
A. Our Antarctica cruises not only take you to this extraordinary continent, we also cruise to two intriguing archipelagos. Little islands with big tales to tell, South Georgia Island is one of the most unique and important bio-diverse places on Earth and the Falkland Islands offer up plenty of natural beauty, along with an intriguing history. Read more about where you will visit on an Antarctica cruise >
Q. What can I expect on an Antarctica cruise?
A. If you’re not an explorer or a scientist what can you do in Antarctica? What’s the weather like? What do I need to do to prepare? Will there be much wildlife? Knowing what to expect from your Antarctica cruise is key to helping you get the most out of your trip - read our guide on what to expect when cruising to Antarctica here >
Q. What is Antarctica?
A. Covering an area of 14 million square kilometres, almost twice the size of Australia and home to 90% of all ice on earth, it’s easy to see why Antarctica is known as “the land of snow and ice”. One of the least explored continents on earth, and considered to be the coldest, windiest and driest places on Earth, no humans permanently reside here. Read more about what Antarctica is here >

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