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From fertile, wooded hillsides flanked by towering redwoods, soaring mountain views and pretty wildflower meadows, to the city that never sleeps, sophisticated modern cities and villages from the beginning of the last century. These scenic shores offer wildlife, history, stunning coastal scenery and alluring architecture.

Immerse yourself in the last frontier – a world of Tlingit heritage with hints of Russia, where an outpost atmosphere prevails in charming, mountain-ringed seaside towns. Cruise the misty fjords, past rugged, untamed wilderness and gleaming walls of ice, pan for gold like prospectors of old, meet local Tlingit who have fished these waters for centuries, and hear tales both tall and true of a region where a Wild West spirit still feels very much alive

Experience the West Coast of America, sailing port by port from Vancouver to San Diego via Victoria, Seattle, Astoria, Eureka and San Francisco. Take in sweeping natural vistas and iconic sites. Visit natural and technological wonders, taste wines and coffee and throughout the voyage, learn about the history, geology, wildlife and botany of these naturally beautiful locations.

History abounds along the Eastern seaboard of the USA, as you trace the path of the British and French colonisation of America and the American Civil War. Fall in love with the islands of the Caribbean and discover the natural beauty, white beaches and lush jungle landscapes of Jamaica, its beautifully preserved colonial cities, remote islands and abundant wildlife.

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