The Caribbean & Central America

Discover the Caribbean & Central America

Rich cultural histories, stunning natural beauty and unique wildlife encounters, glittering cities, charming colonial towns, there is no shortage of wonder to discover as you fall in love with the glorious islands of Caribbean, and be astounded by all that Central America has to offer.

It’s no wonder so many of the world’s great cocktails originated in this part of the world – you simply need to celebrate being alive in the temperate Caribbean. Order up your favourite drink from your Scenic Eclipse butler, then sit back and enjoy being on one of the world’s great Caribbean cruises through one of the most spectacular locations on Earth.

This is your chance to explore a region of great natural beauty that prides itself on its rich cultural history, to go further and dream bigger and to do it in all-inclusive luxury on board the World’s First Discovery Yachts, Scenic Eclipse.




The Caribbean

The climate is perfect, the water is perfect, the islands are … perfect. No matter which island you happen to find yourself on, even the hidden island gems off the coast of Colombia, every moment will be a revelation.

Rich with history, swarming with ribald tales of pirates and treasure and inhabited by a host of welcoming people, you’ll love your time on our Caribbean cruises.


Central America

Explore beautifully preserved colonial cities, majestic jungles and remote islands teeming with wildlife in Costa Rica, Colombia and Panama.

Visit the Guna people on the San Blas Islands, renowned for their brightly coloured textiles. Transit the Panama Canal, hailed as one of the great achievements of the 20th century. Observe Humboldt penguins, Blue-footed boobies and sea lions.

Destination Insights: Lisa Bolton, General Manager Product

Lisa Bolton shares her insights into the new experiences and destinations the Scenic product team has designed for the Scenic Eclipse 2022/23 worldwide voyages program. 

Scenic Eclipse Destination: Panama & Colombia Discovery

Caribbean & Central America cruises

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