Sea of Cortez

Sea of Cortez Immersive Discovery
A unique stretch of water off Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, the Sea of Cortez is so rich with marine life that French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau described it as ‘The Aquarium of the World’. Sea lions, dolphins, turtles and manta rays are just some of the species that call the Gulf of California home, and Scenic Eclipse's world-class design will enable unrivalled exploration of this inspiring destination. Enjoy the included kayaking program, stand-up paddle boarding, and snorkelling while the marine biologists in your Discovery Team provide expert insights into this ocean’s wonders.

Sea of Cortez Cruises

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Destination Insights: Lisa Bolton, General Manager Product

Lisa Bolton shares her insights into the new experiences and destinations the Scenic product team has designed for the Scenic Eclipse 2022/23 worldwide voyages. 

Discovery and Wellbeing: Jason Flesher, Expedition Operations Manager

Jason Flesher talks about the future of discovery cruising, and how the Discovery and Wellbeing experience has been designed for Scenic Eclipse 2022/23 worldwide voyages program.
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