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A season-wise guide to planning your Europe holiday

The seasons they are a-changin’. Europe is renowned for its stunning historical structures as well as its breathtaking natural beauty in equal parts. Each new season dramatically changes the landscape, much to the delight of the travellers. So here is our pick of the top European destinations and the seasons that transform them.  

Spring – March to May 

There’s something magical about spring in Europe. Nothing is more joyful than being surrounded by blooming trees and colourful flowers. While most places in Europe are delightful during springtime, one particular must-visit destination is the Netherlands.

The biggest exporter of commercial flowers in the world, the Netherlands is just the place for you to immerse yourself in a riot of colours. Several tulip farms have cropped up around Amsterdam over the years but the most popular place to see the flowers is still Keukenhof Gardens. Home to over seven million flowering bulbs each year, Keukenhof has delighted visitors for more than 60 years.

Time your trip right and you could even witness the incredible Bloemencorso Bollenstreek, a festive flower parade that rolls along a 40 kilometre stretch with floats made up of flowers. It is a spectacle you will never forget. 
Europe in Spring - tulips at Keukenhof Gardens, Netherlands

Summer – June to August 

Summer months are the most popular time to visit Europe. The long, warm days and balmy nights allow you to amply indulge your wanderlust. In the South of France, the lavender fields in Provence are in full bloom by early July, treating you to row upon row of purple bliss. At the Lavender Museum, you can find out all about the fragrant flower through documentaries detailing the passion of the Provence producers and distillers over several generations. 

Explore the historic beaches of Normandy in Northern France and learn about their World War II history, and if the day gets too hot, take a refreshing dip in the waters. This is also a great time to take a wine tour in Bordeaux when the vineyards are lush, green and bursting with juicy grapes. 

The summer of 2020 is also the time when the world famous Passion Play, which occurs once every 10 years, will take place in Oberammergau, in Bavaria, Germany. The first play was performed in 1634, and the five-month run in 2020 marks its forty-second performance. Being the world’s longest-running play and widely regarded as the most important Passion Play in the world, it is certainly worth a visit. 
Europe in Summer - Lavender Fields

Autumn – September to November

There is no place like the Danube region to soak up the fabulous fall colours of Europe. In Romania, the bewitching castles of Transylvania are even more haunting when surrounded by autumn hues. The tree-lined boulevards of Bucharest burst into myriad colours that take your breath away. And Germany’s dense Black Forest transforms into something out of a dream, living up to its reputation as the birthplace of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales. 

To the west, the sunny yellows of Brussels, and the rich reds of Bruges, make Belgium a delightful autumn retreat. To take a boat ride down the Bruges canal, past multi-coloured foliage, is akin to drifting within a painting. 

For beer lovers, autumn is also the time for the famous Oktoberfest beer festival in Germany.
Europe in Autumn - Bran Castle

Winter – December to February 

There is no denying that Christmas is a magical time no matter which part of the world you’re in. However, Europe manages to take the experience up a notch with its joyous Christmas markets, full of delicious mulled wine and toasty chestnuts.

France’s Strasbourg Christmas market is world-renowned for the 300+ stalls, massive Christmas tree and the incredible holiday atmosphere. The Christmas markets in Germany are equally delightful with delicious Feuerzangebowle served in charming goblets. In Austria, the centuries old Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt is a must visit, especially for the legendary Nuremberg Bratwurst. The tiny sausages, no longer than 9 cm, have been a crowd favourite for over 700 years! 

For an enchanted white Christmas, make your way to Northern Europe to watch the snow fall softly on cobbled streets and sloping rooftops to the tune of melodious Christmas carols.  
Europe in Winter - Regensburg Christmas Markets

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