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We offer all-inclusive, luxury cruises and tours to destinations all over the world.

To help you make a decision on the perfect cruise or tour for you simply fill in your details and select the brochures you would like mailed to you. Alternatively, you can view or download any one of our brochures below.

River Cruising

Europe River Cruising 2019

Experience Europe’s breathtaking waterways on board a luxury Scenic Space-Ship. Discover the incredible history, culture and beauty of countries such as France, Portugal, Germany, Austria and Russia on an all-inclusive river cruise.

France River Cruising 2019

Explore the romance and history of France's waterways, in all-inclusive luxury on a Scenic Space-Ship. Discover places of incredible beauty and a culture that has helped to define the world.

South East Asia River Cruising 2019/2020

Navigate the fascinating waterways of South East Asia from the elegant and comfortable surrounds of your intimate luxury floating hotel. From the Mekong to the Irrawaddy, this ever changing view will offer an insight into the beating heart of this region.

First Time River Cruising Guide

If you're new to river cruising this guide answers all your questions about all-inclusive river cruising, helping you to choose the cruise that's right for you.

Ocean Cruising 2019/2020 - August 2019 - September 2020

Scenic Eclipse 2019/2020

Introducing Scenic Eclipse II for 2020. Her debut season sails to the Mediterranean, European Arctic, including the White Sea and Northwest Passage plus Antarctica.

Land Journeys

Africa 2019/2020

Experience Africa by travelling along superb coastal drives, visiting many historic sites, local villages and game drives in some of Africa’s best wildlife viewing areas.

Canada, Alaska & USA 2019

From the majestic Canadian wilderness and the frontiers of Alaska to the big cities of the United States, there’s never been a better time to discover the wonders of North America.

Europe Land Touring 2019

From the delights of the United Kingdom to the Iberian Peninsula; the Dalmatian coast to Italy, France and Scandinavia, discover the grand wonders of Europe.


Getaway DVD - France River Cruising

Seine River Cruise with Catriona Rowntree, South of France River Cruise with Livinia Nixon, Bordeaux River Cruise with Jamie Durie

Getaway DVD - Europe River Cruising

Budapest to Amsterdam River Cruise with Jamie Durie, Turkey, Gallipoli & Black Sea with Catriona Rowntree and Romantic Rhine and Moselle with Livinia Nixon.

Getaway DVD - Mekong, Irrawaddy & Japan

Mekong River Cruise with Ian 'Dicko' Dickson, Irrawaddy River Cruise with Ray Martin & Japan with Livinia Nixon

Getaway DVD - The Americas

Highlights of South America with Catriona Rowntree, West Coast Canada with David Reyne. USA Historic East Coast and Southern Belles with Catriona Rowntree, Galapágos & Amazon Cruising with Shane Crawford

Getaway DVD - Land Journeys

UK with Kathy Lette and David Reyne, South Africa, Victoria Falls and Chobe National Park with Catriona Rowntree, Australia with Kathy Lette and David Reyne