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Butler Service

We know it’s the personal touches that make your cruise special, and so do our butlers.

From shoe shine service to complimentary refreshments included for all guests, your butler is there to make your Scenic experience extra special. They won’t be happy unless you are.

We know that it’s the fine details and the outstanding service that really make your trip memorable. By offering butler service to every guest we provide an exceptional level of service that combines 5-star quality with personal attention to detail.

All-inclusive Butler

Each Scenic butler has been trained at recognised European Butler academies to meet Scenic’s high standards.

Whichever suite you choose, your butler will make sure you’ll never be without complimentary refreshments and a re-stocked mini-bar for whenever the fancy takes you.

As part of our latest offering in Europe, you can now also look forward to a laundry concierge service. After all, you should be focusing on your journey, not your washing.

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