Palais Liechtenstein

Take a step back to a grander time

Palais Liechtenstein or the ‘Liechtenstein Garden Palace’ is a stunning 17th century building in Vienna, Austria. The Palais displays signature work from famous architects including Johann Bernhard Fischer von Elrach, Domenico Edogio Rossi and Domenico Martenili, culminating in the pinnacle of Viennese-Baroque architecture.

Palais Liechtenstein was originally the residence of one of Vienna’s most rich and influential aristocratic families - the noble house of Liechtenstein. Since then the palace has served as the private museum of the Liechtenstein family.

Entry to Palais Liechtenstein is restricted to pre-arranged guided tours and exclusive events. Scenic guests are privy to one of the more notable events held at the Palace - an exclusive, private Viennese concert featuring the enthralling music of Strauss and Mozart.

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