River cruising through France

Indulge yourself as you embrace France, the most romantic country on Earth. There’s simply no place more conducive to re-awakening the spirit.

You simply have to experience a France river cruise at least once in your life. From the windswept beauty of Normandy to the sun dappled Loire Valley and on to the magnificence of Bordeaux, this beautiful country is something to savour and thrill at. 

As a guest you’ll enjoy the very best all-inclusive river cruising experience of your life.

Our exclusive Space-Ships feature handcrafted design excellence, with the finest dining and all the little luxuries you’d expect from a 5-star travel experience.

We’ll also take care of all those fiddly travel costs like transfers, laundry, tipping and gratuities. You really can afford to leave your wallet at home on a Scenic river cruise.

As you journey through France, beauty is around every river bend and the country’s reverence for art, history and gastronomy make every day a unique and lovely experience.

Beyond all-Inclusive luxury

At Scenic, when we say all-inclusive, that’s what we mean. You can look forward to:

  • Luxuriously appointed suites with a queen-size Scenic Slumber Bed, complimentary menu, mini bar, L’Occitane amenities and Mac mini infotainment system
  • A choice of up to six dining options, from casual dining at River Café to a six course dégustation menu at Table La Rive
  • Unlimited complimentary beverages, as well as an in-suite mini bar
  • A butler for each and every guest, available for requests that range from salon appointments and shoe-shining to meals served in your suite
  • Scenic Freechoice - Choose the exclusive sightseeing activities that interest you, and that move at your pace
  • Scenic Enrich - Handpicked experiences, exclusive to Scenic guests, that you’ll remember fondly for years to come, from exclusive private concerts in magnificent surrounds, to specially arranged meals where you can enjoy the warm hospitality of the locals
  • Scenic Tailormade - A personal GPS-guided tour system that curates the best Europe has to offer, on and off the ship
  • Scenic Sundowners - Specially arranged and exclusive cocktail events in spectacular settings, where you’ll get the chance to cap off a wonderful day’s exploration in the company of newfound friends
  • Scenic Sun Lounges - All-weather private outdoor balconies that ensure you won’t miss a minute of the sublime scenery
  • On board entertainment that showcases regional cultures throughout your journey of discovery
  • 24-hour room service
  • Wi-Fi Internet with streaming to your Mac mini infotainment system via your in-suite TV, enabling you to stay connected in comfort
  • Wellness centre, providing hair, massage and beauty treatments^
  • Personal airport transfers for any arrival or departure time
  • All tips and gratuities.

^ Treatments are at an additional cost

Discover countless French treasures

No two journeys through France are the same with each region possessing it’s own special charm.

Fall in love with the 'city of love’ and the scenery of northern France, inspiration for some of the world's greatest artists, as you cruise the Seine to the historic beaches of Normandy.

Wherever you go, you can make the most of France’s most breathtaking locations with our fully escorted Scenic Freechoice, Enrich and Sundowner activities. Our Scenic Tailormade GPS device guides you through your own personal excursions on-shore and offers absorbing commentary on major points of interest while you’re on board. 

Together they guarantee an unforgettable journey, peppered with astounding discoveries.

Scenic Freechoice

With Scenic Freechoice you’ll get to pick and choose your own experiences, and explore at your preferred pace.

Would you like to pay your respects at the battlefields of the Somme, or prefer to learn about the Impressionist masters?

Would you like to sample the world’s finest burgundy wines, or stroll through the streets of a beautiful medieval fortress town? Or, simply stay on board and enjoy the scenery in the company of new friends?

Scenic Sundowners

Scenic Sundowners are bespoke cocktail events for Scenic guests to toast the end of a magnificent day of exploration.

What could be better than sharing your experiences with a drink in hand while you take in truly glorious surrounds?

You might find yourself on the terrace of the Castle of Tournon, enjoying the splendid vistas of the Rhône River, or on the estate of Manoir d’Appreval, sampling local apple spirits as the sun sets behind the English Channel.

Scenic Enrich

Our Scenic Enrich program provides uniquely enriching experiences completely inaccessible to most travellers.

Enjoy a truly unforgettable experience at the prestigious Pope’s Palace in Avignon, where you’ll be treated to a live classical performance in the Grand Tinel room.

Or be escorted through the opulent grounds of Chateau Giscours – one of the grandest estates in the entire Médoc region.

Scenic Tailormade

Our Scenic Tailormade GPS device guides you through your own personal excursions while on-shore, and also provides commentary on all points of interest while you’re on board.

Spend an afternoon cycling through remote country towns, or simply strolling along the banks of the river.

Wander on or off the beaten path without any danger of getting lost. And best of all, you’ll miss none of the attractions along the way.

Luxury River Cruising

Designed to redefine luxury river cruising, with innovative new technology, your Scenic Space-Ship will be your luxurious floating hotel as you cruise the waterways of France.

Intimate and friendly, with every amenity you could wish for, our Scenic Space-Ships were designed with you in mind so enjoy the ultimate in all-inclusive luxury, every moment of the day.

Boasting the finest fleet of river ships in France, our Space-Ships have been upgraded to include larger suites and beautiful interiors. The very best on board experience is matched onshore with longer itineraries and exciting inclusions. Your Cruise Director, as well as every member of our hospitable on board team, are on hand to make sure you make the most of every minute of your time on board.

Scenic Diamond and Scenic Sapphire feature the finest of interiors and amenities, including a vitality pool, fitness centre and spa complete with an innovative salt therapy room. A highlight of these ships is also the unique Scenic Culinaire bespoke cooking area where guests are able to participate in a series of cooking demonstrations.

Scenic Gem is the most luxurious ship currently cruising the river Seine and was purpose-built to cruise all the way to beautiful Honfleur. With only 64 suites, guests will enjoy a more intimate experience along with every all-inclusive 5-star luxury amenity you’ve come to expect on a Scenic Space-Ship.

Scenic Culinaire

Exclusive and innovative, our France river ships feature their own on board cooking schools.

One of the most exciting elements on board Scenic Sapphire and Scenic Diamond is our exclusive Scenic Culinaire cooking experience. Guests will now be able to immerse themselves in the culinary wonders of the Rhône and Bordeaux regions onshore and on board.

France is the epicentre of cuisine and fine dining and Scenic Culinaire will allow our guests to participate in an on board cooking class, taught by experts, featuring the finest local ingredients.

Scenic Diamond and Scenic Sapphire have been transformed to include a bespoke cooking area. This dedicated space features a cooking station, a fresh produce fridge with ingredients that will be sourced from local markets, and our cooking instructors will introduce you to regional recipes you’ll adore.

We’ve even included a live camera and screen so that you won’t miss a thing as it’s being cooked. And of course the best bit will be the tastings at the conclusion of each class.

The endless wonders of France

Just imagine yourself being on board a Scenic Space-Ship, delighting in all the romance of the beautiful Loire Valley, and sinking your feet into the historic sands of Normandy.

You could sail the Seine under the arches of the ponts towards the English Channel, cruise the Dordogne and Garonne Rivers through the spectacular Bordeaux countryside, or head to the the majestic Rhone River as it leads you through Nice and Lyon.

Whichever of the land’s fine waterways you choose to travel, you’ll find another facet of this inspiring country waiting for you, just around the next river bend.


Synonymous with fine foods and some of the world's best vineyards, the Bordeaux region of France is also one the most beautiful places in the world.

From windswept beaches teeming with birdlife to exquisitely built 11th century medieval buildings, Bordeaux offers up many treasures to uncover as you journey through this multi-faceted region.

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South of France

A playground of delight, the South of France is renowned for its luxurious lifestyle and delicious fare.

Taking you from the Lyon, gastronomic heart of France, to wine caves in Tournon Castle and on to the wild beauty of Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, a bird-watcher's dream, there is always something to thrill you anew in this picturesque part of the world.

Steeped in tradition and alive with the French passion for life, you’ll be captivated and inspired by the South of France.

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There are not many places in France that have played such an important part in political and military history than Normandy. From the Norman invasion of England in 1066 to the D-Day landings of 1944 this is a place of contemplation and reverence.

The spectacular island monastery of Mont St-Michel is reason alone to visit, however when you arrive, you’ll also experience some of the most dramatic coastlines, medieval cities and sample a range of delicious local specialities including fresh seafood, rosy apples and gooey flavoursome camembert.

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