Scenic Club

Be rewarded for doing what you enjoy most – creating memories with Scenic.

At Scenic, a little loyalty goes a long way, and a lot of loyalty goes even further. So when you choose to travel with us, not only do you get to explore a world of wonder that will furnish you with memories for a lifetime, you also collect privileges that will help you enjoy the experience even more.

Membership is free and packed with incredible benefits and offers including access to exclusive deals and competitions.

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Scenic Club has changed for 2018

Discover more about the exciting changes to the Scenic Club program from 1 January 2018.


Why become a Scenic Club member?

  1. Membership is complimentary and lasts a lifetime with no need for additional travel to maintain membership or tier status.
  2. Scenic travellers automatically qualify for Gold membership after completing their first trip.
  3. Members enjoy benefits such as complimentary luggage, quarterly member magazine, vouchers, special offers and on board services.

How it works:

There are four membership tiers and guests automatically get upgraded as they qualify. Membership kits and tier status upgrades, together with a unique membership card, are automatically mailed within eight weeks of completion of the qualifying trip. Please ensure each member has a valid postal address.

  • Scenic Club Gold - Guests qualify after their first paid trip of seven days or more.
  • Scenic Club Platinum - Guests qualify after earning 5,000 Scenic Status Points.
  • Scenic Club Diamond - Guests qualify after earning 10,000 Scenic Status Points.
  • Scenic Club Emerald - Guests qualify after earning 25,000 Scenic Status Points.

Greater Rewards - At Scenic we don’t believe that one size fits all, so guests will now achieve loyalty status by earning Scenic Status Points for their length and value of travel. Guest will earn 100 Scenic Status Points for each paid tour day, plus additional points for higher spend on premium decks and suite categories, so the more guests spend, the greater the benefits.


Member Benefits by Tier


Gold Platinum Diamond Emerald

Thank You voucher* to redeem on a guest’s next cruise or tour - if only one tour in the reservation≈

$200 $200 $200 $300

Thank You voucher* to redeem on a guest’s next cruise or tour - if two or more tours are booked in the same reservation≈

$400 $400 $400 $600

Share With A Friend voucher, entitling any new guest referral to a discount. The referring guest will earn a $200 Referral Credit when this voucher is redeemed and deposited*. If two or more tours are booked in the same reservation guests will receive two vouchers.≈

$100 $100 $100 $150

Choice of a Scenic Club merchandise or luggage received prior to every trip^≈

Dedicated members only help desk, for a quick response to any queries, issues or requests

Member only offers on selected itineraries

Priority on pre-release tours and cruises

Member only competitions and events

Scenic Club Wonder magazine

The very latest updates and information via Scenic e-news

Scenic Club Member Only mailings

Complimentary limousine transfers before and after travel (location and distance restrictions apply). Alternatively, guests can enjoy one night complimentary hotel stay if the limousine is not available at their location, or a $50 each way* transfer credit per guest.≈

Complimentary pre or post-night hotel stay for trips of 20 days or more+

Access to exclusive member only offers and itineraries

Choice of either a premium Scenic Club trolley case or a $100 Visa card° prior to each departure^

Extended distance allowance for the chauffeur-driven limousine service. Alternatively, guests can enjoy one night’s complimentary hotel stay if the limousine is not available at their location or a $50 each way* transfer credit per guest.

Exclusive Scenic Club Diamond offers

Handcrafted Emerald designer lapel pin

Exclusive Emerald travel wallet

Upgraded hotel categories for pre or post accommodation when available*

A Welcome Home hamper after every Scenic trip of 20 days or more

Exclusive Scenic Club Emerald events

Benefits - River Cruising

Gold Platinum Diamond Emerald

On board credit for use in our Wellness Centre. € 75 when travelling on a Scenic Space-Ship in Europe, USD 75 for South East Asia River Cruising or RUB 4,500 for the Scenic Tsar in Russia.◆

Multiple access to dining at Table La Rive, Portobellos and L’ Amour or Table d’or#

Unlimited laundry and pressing on cruises◆

Benefits - Scenic Eclipse

Gold Platinum Diamond Emerald

Complimentary one hour treatment per suite in the exclusive Spa Sanctuary

Complimentary laundry service**

Priority bookings for specialty restaurants, shore excursions, discovery excursions, helicopter and submarine bookings‡

Priority embarkation and disembarkation at the beginning and end of your cruise

Return airport or hotel transfers and first priority embarkation and disembarkation at the beginning and end of your cruise

* Conditions apply. For the most up-to-date details of member benefits and terms and conditions, please visit the Scenic website. ≈ Available on trips of 7 days or more only. ^ Select via Tour Personaliser eight weeks prior to departure Australia or New Zealand + The 20 days required to qualify for this benefit can be made up of the total paid days for travel, so can include paid add-on days, such as stopovers, tour extensions and/or back-to-back tours. Hotels available for this benefit are subject to change. ° Gift card is a pre-loaded visa card with $100 credit. ◆When sailing on a Scenic Space-Ship, the Scenic Tsar and Scenic owned South East Asia river cruisers. #Subject to availability when sailing on a Scenic Space-Ship. Menus may not vary for the duration of your cruise. From 2019 this benefit will apply to river cruises of 8 nights or longer. **Limits and restrictions may apply according to the destinations. ‡ Helicopter and submarine are an additional cost. § Cruises that are not fully owned and operated by Scenic or fully charted by Scenic, will earn 100 Scenic Status Points for each paid Tour Day, irrespective of the cabin category travelled.

How to Qualify

Currently membership is open only to people with a permanent Australian or New Zealand residential address. Membership will be extended to residents of other countries in future. Membership is individual; in a couple each individual has their own unique membership number.

Once a member, a member for life - there is no need to do additional travel to maintain membership or tier status Membership kit (and tier status upgrades), including a unique membership card, is automatically sent by mail within 8 weeks of completion of the qualifying tour, to those for whom we have a valid postal address.

Any member who selects ‘Do not mail a Welcome Home Kit’ will not receive tier status upgrade or welcome home kits including membership cards and welcome home discount vouchers.

You can read the Scenic Club terms and conditions here.