Make tracks for a luxury tour of Africa

Explore a continent of monumental beauty, where nature still exercises dominion over the land, the people and the creatures that roam its plains.

Whether you are travelling with us to South Africa, Zambia, Kenya, Botswana, Tanzania or Namibia, you can expect an unrivalled level of privacy and comfort.

As a guest, you will enjoy access to vehicles best suited to the terrain and tour the region in small groups limited to 36 people in South Africa and Zambia and 24 people in Kenya and Tanzania.

There has never been a better time to book a luxury tour of Africa in 2017.

Every detail taken care of

We will also take care of your transfers, entrance fees and all tipping and gratuities, allowing you more time to savour the sights and immerse yourself in the experience.

The heartbeat of Africa takes many forms, from the thundering elephants on the plains to the dainty thud of the springbok; from the resonating Zulu drums to the sound of a jumping Maasai warrior returning to the ground.

Africa tour inclusions

With Scenic’s signature 5-star luxury, the best options have been reserved on your behalf, and you’ll be treated to the very best the continent has to offer.

When traveling to Africa, the quality of your experience will be defined by the places you stay and the lodges and parks you visit along the way. You can rest easy knowing that everything is taken of, and that all you need to do is relax and enjoy the wonder around you. Your journey includes:

  • Luxury 5-star hotels or lodges, or the finest available accommodation at that location
  • Exclusive safari lodges and itineraries
  • Exhilarating game drives
  • All meals included in game reserves
  • Luxury coach trips
  • Scenic Special Stays -- selected accommodation that is even more notable for its geographic or luxurious character
  • Special Welcome and Farewell dinners
  • An experienced Scenic Tour Director to guide and assist you throughout your journey
  • Knowledgeable local guides and game rangers
  • The services of our Scenic airport representatives
  • Private airport transfers
  • All internal flights within the itinerary
  • Scenic FreeChoice – a program that allows you to choose activities that interest you, and at the pace you prefer
  • Scenic Enrich – handpicked experiences, exclusive to Scenic guests, that you’ll remember fondly for years to come
  • All tipping, gratuities and porterage

Cultural experiences

We have created a series of unique and exclusive experiences that, in their own way, distil the very essence of Africa.

Scenic Freechoice

Scenic Freechoice is a unique Scenic initiative that will allow you to choose between excursions and pick between dining options.

That means you can prioritise those things that interest you most, and select those experiences that suit your style and pace.

Would you like to take a walking safari with an experienced game ranger, or are you in the mood for a foot massage? With Scenic Freechoice, you decide. Freedom of choice has never felt or tasted so good.


Scenic Enrich

Scenic Enrich is a series of special events that are intended to provide unique and enriching experiences that you’ll look back on fondly for years to come. These are exclusive to Scenic guests, and outside the scope of ordinary travel.

Visit the Lake Nakura Baby Orphanage Centre and enjoy a heart-warming encounter with some of the children. Visit a traditional Maasai village.

Meet a Zulu chieftain and discover the ancient practices of this proud people. There are countless unique experiences waiting for you if you choose to take the Scenic Route.


Our top African touring destinations

There's every possibility that Africa won't just open your eyes to new wonders, but change the way you look at life.

South Africa

Africa’s economic powerhouse is also a place of enormous beauty and diversity. From the Garden Route in the Cape, one of the most spectacular scenic routes anywhere in the world, to Cape Town, the country’s international hotspot.

You’ll get to visit the world-renowned Kruger National Park, to partake in the region’s finest oysters in beautiful Knysna, to gape at the beautiful Blyde River Canyon, and travel the world-renowned Blue Train in 5-star luxury. And those are just a few of the highlights.




Contrast seems to define this small, landlocked African democracy. You’ll experience the Okavango Delta, with its unique waterways, and view the wildlife from a truly unusual vantage point – Mokoro canoe.

On top of this, you can look forward to Africa’s largest number of elephants, and bushland so remote some of the animals never get to see human beings. Wow.




The Namib and Kalahari Deserts are unlike deserts anywhere else. There’s something unique about the light, the colour of the sand, and the way the creatures that inhabit it behave.

You’ll spend quality time in the wide silence of one of the most remote wonderlands on Earth – a place where just looking up the stars is a unique experience. Magnificent landscapes, throngs of wild animals, beaches as beautiful as they are severe, marine life the equal of any in the world, and remote colonial settlements unlike anywhere else – it’s all here, just waiting to be rediscovered.




The vast savannahs of Tanzania are populated with vast herds of antelope, magnificent predators, and epic stories of survival, where the age old law of kill and be killed still prevails.

You’ll be treated to definitive Africa, and get to enjoy some of its very finest game lodges, from the world-renowned Serengeti, to the Tarangire National Park, and the Ngorongoro Crater.




Kenya is a land where open savannah gives way to deep valleys, and magnificent mountain ranges. Straddling Africa’s impressive Rift Valley, right on the equator, the weather tends to be ideal one day, and perfect the next.

You’ll get to explore some of its distinctive indigenous Masaai culture and to take unforgettable forays into its unforgettable wilderness. In fact, in the Amboseli National Park, the Aberdare National Park, and the magnificent Masai Mara, you’ll get to experience the finest game lodges anywhere in Africa.



Victoria Falls

The Victoria Falls isn’t just a spectacular natural feature, the like of which you’ll find virtually nowhere else, it’s also a place of immense spiritual strength and beauty.

There’s nothing quite like standing in front of the world’s largest sheet of falling water. And while it’s quite impossible to measure exactly which is the world’s largest waterfall, from a technical point of view, for many this one has a very, very good claim.




Why not further enhance your journey with one of our tour extensions? Spending additional nights in the Okavango Delta, travelling on the Blue Train from Johannesburg to Cape Town and exploring the delights of Zanzibar are a few options that you may consider.

To discuss extension suggestions please contact us here.