Kruger National Park

48.2000° N, 16.3667° E


See the 'Big Five' in one place

Undoubtedly one of the largest game reserves in Africa is world-renowned game reserve Kruger National Park. Home to all the ‘Big Five’ game animals and more species of large mammals than any other African game reserve, Kruger National Park offers a wildlife experience that is unparalleled.

Experience the amazing diversity of African flora and fauna including the endangered African wild dog whose numbers have dwindled to an estimated 400 in all of South Africa.

Guests can also witness the unique culture of native tribes who have lived on the reserve over many centuries. Cultural treasures created by the native community's interactions with the environment provide a rich account of persons and events that helped shape Kruger National Park’s identity. The Kruger National Park is a world leader in advanced environment management practices which is evident in the diligent conservation of the park's natural assets

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