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Thrilling Safari Tours

There is nothing quite as exhilarating as observing the magnificent wild animals of Africa from an open-topped Land Cruiser, where you are in safe but electrifying proximity with powerful, roaming creatures in their natural habitat.

A game drive on one of our luxury safari tours is a truly magical experience, full of wonder and excitement, and the vast beauty of the African bush is both humbling and life affirming.

Our safari tours take you off-road where your chances of meeting – and photographing- all of the ‘Big Five’ (lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo) are increased, and you’ll be taken to game lodges that are closed to the general public.

We’ll take you to Cape Town’s Kruger National Park, Thornybush Game Reserve and the Chobe National Park in Botswana where vast herds of elephants and buffalo roam along the shoreline.

Discover Kenya’s magnificent Masai Mara Reserve inhabited by 95 species of animals, and where the spectacular Great Migration attracts over 1.5 million wildebeest, zebra and impala every July through to September.

Our safari tours also include expeditions to Amboseli National reserve, Lake Nakaru National Park, Serengeti National Park, Ngorongo Crater and Aberdare National Park as well as villages and cities along the way.

Combining the ease and comfort of luxury travel while also satisfying the inquisitive traveller’s thirst for authenticity, our range of safari tours itineraries reflect the vastness of Africa, and the hundreds of species available to observe in their stunning natural habitats.

Choose from a 31 Day Grand African Expedition, 24 Day Grand African Safari and a range of Southern and Eastern African safari tours itineraries ranging from 19 to 14 days, with extensions available.

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The difference is Scenic

We believe true luxury is in the details.

We've combined the ease of 5-star luxury travel with Safari tours that offer insight into the culture and history of the region. All first-class accommodation, shuttles, rail journeys and transfers, Freechoice dining experiences and even gratuities are included on our Safari tours.

  • Luxurious Hotels - Discover a continent that caters to every occasion, on your Safari tour you can be assured that we've secured access to the very best accommodation on your behalf.
  • Personal Touch - Our journeys have no more than 36 guests in Southern Africa and 24 in East Africa, which means you'll enjoy a more intimate experience.
  • Travel in Style - All of our transport, whether by coach or rail is of the highest possible standard to ensure your comfort while on tour. In East Africa you'll travel by Land Cruiser, with a unique modified 'pop tops' to ensure you can see the action during game drives.
  • Local Knowledge - All of our fantastic guides and Tour Directors are English-speaking experts with local knowledge, we make sure our tours cover the highlights and hidden gems that only the locals know. Our experienced game rangers and local trackers are on hand throughout your tour to bring anything of interest to your immediate attention and there’s always something to captivate.
  • The Nth Degree - You can look forward to a personal welcome at the airport before being transported to your hotel. With Scenic, everything is taken care of, no additional tipping is required for any activities or meals while on tour.
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Destinations and experiences

For most of us, going on safari is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and a dream that has captured us since childhood.

Our safari tours offer a ‘choose your own adventure’ to make your safari dream a reality.

Cruising down the Zambezi river, breathing in the wondrous sights of native wildlife teeming along the banks, the sounds of Victoria Falls thundering in the distance with a glass of the best in hand, you’ll have to pinch yourself to know you’re awake.

In Kenya, you’ll enjoy number of game drives in the stunning Maasai Mara Reserve. Be awe inspired by what this thriving savannah ecosystem made up of over 95 species has to offer.

During migration season, your rangers will give you the opportunity to see the crossings at the Mara River, famous for its crocodiles. Revel in an exclusive bush breakfast in the open plains amongst the wildlife.

The shallow alkaline lake of Lake Nakuru National Park is home to vast and varied bird populations including flamingos, and offers exquisite photography opportunities. Enrich your experience with a visit to the Lake Nakuru Baby Orphanage Centre, drawing closer to Africa and it’s wonderful people.

Your home in Ambolesi National Park is Ol Tukai Lodge, which sits beside a major elephant trail and offers breathtaking view of Mount Kilamanjaro, the highest freestanding mountain in the world. Cheetah and lions can be observed in game drives through the reserve.

The Ngorongo Crater is known as the ‘jewel in Africa’s crown’, and is home the Africa’s highest number of predators. Here you’ll enjoy a welcome lunch at Lemala Lodge, take a guided walk around the rim of the crater and descend to the crater floor for a game drive in the most famous conservation reserve of Africa. The immense beauty of this area coupled with the abundance of wildlife will astound.

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