Europe Escorted Tours & Luxury Land Journeys 

Explore the Grand Wonders of Europe and take a luxurious sojourn in this beautiful continent on our Europe tours & luxury land journeys

Take a luxurious sojourn to Europe with Scenic

Covering destinations from Scandinavia to Spain, Edinburgh to Italy and the Alps to the Baltics, our extensive touring options ensure that all our guests will have a journey to suit their needs. Encounter the spectacular scenery, indulge in local cuisine and explore the rich and diverse cultures of the region as you go on a handcrafted tour of Europe in 5-star luxury.

As comfort is a priority at Scenic, guests can enjoy the highlights of the region with peace of mind. With a maximum of only 24 people on each escorted tour, attentive and knowledgeable Tour Directors, luxury hotel stays, and most meals included, every step of your journey is one of full immersion. 

Start planning your trip to Europe today and take a journey to the picturesque destinations.  

With Scenic, you’ll find it’s more than just an ordinary tour, it’s a handcrafted luxury journey in a class of its own.

The wonders you will find

As for the transport, each luxury coach, train or ferry will showcase the same exceptional level of service that has become synonymous with Scenic.

To further enhance our Europe escorted tours, we offer a wide range of culturally immersive Scenic Enrich experiences and Scenic Freechoice activities. Be immersed in the local way of life with us as we take you to private musical performances, cooking classes, dancing workshops and other interactive, educational and entertaining events. Or consider extending your adventure with a European River Cruise.

Destinations to Discover

Eastern Europe & The Baltics

Majestic medieval cities, alluring music and art, and delectable cuisine are merely morsels of the cultural feast that you will experience on our Eastern Europe land journeys. Join us in the Czech Republic for a visit to the vibrant city of Prague. In Poland, explore the beauty of Krakow and discover the horrors of World War II in Warsaw and Auschwitz. Discover Prague, one of Europe’s truly magical cities.

A region which once belonged to the Russian Empire, the Baltic States offer visitors alluring sights. Join us as we explore the folkloric legends, ancient castles and World Heritage-listed capital of Estonia. Prepare yourself for the widest waterfall in Europe and an unrivalled collection of art nouveau architecture in Latvia. And in Lithuania, the largest of the Baltic States, you can look forward to walks around the World Heritage-listed Vilnius.

swiss alps

The Alps

Reaching into Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, France and Monaco, the Alps offer spectacular views and are equally beautiful to observe from afar.

Join us on our Grand Alpine adventure as we explore the highlights of this mountain range, from the Glacier Express in St. Moritz to delightful Montreux.

duoro river

Spain & Portugal

These two nations offer a myriad of sensory delights, from the sounds of Spain to the coastal sights of Portugal.

Let us introduce you to the soul of Spain, the bustling streets of Madrid, the Moorish town of Cordoba, flamenco-filled Granada and Andalucía’s Seville. Continue with us over the border to Portugal, which boasts beautiful villages from Sintra, famous for the Marian apparitions of 1917, to Lisbon, the picturesque seaside capital.

norwegian waterfalls


Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden are known for their charming landscapes, innovations in design and high standard of living.

Leave the planning to us as we take you to the Norwegian fjords and Viking ships and Scandinavia's exciting and trendy capitals.

Britain & Ireland

Ireland’s spectacular scenery and well-known hearty hospitality coupled with Britain’s royal traditions, rich history and natural beauty - it’s the perfect blend. A wealth of history, legend and culture awaits. Uncover the ancient myths and legends of shamrocks and leprechauns at the very core of Irish culture, explore the rugged beauty of the Scottish Highlands and top it all off with the iconic attractions of England’s capital, London. 


Greece & Turkey

From travelling back in time and discovering Greece’s immense history to seeking an aerial perspective of Turkey on a hot air balloon ride, your handcrafted journey through the birthplace of modern civilisation  awaits. Discover two of the most spectacular lands bordering the Aegean Sea. Shimmering coastlines, Mediterranean weather, and overlapping histories, there is a lot Greece and Turkey have in common. From the site of the first Olympic Games, to the heart-rending Battle of Gallipoli memorials to ANZAC soldiers, learn the history that has shaped the world as we know it. Delight the gourmand in you through a range of hand curated Greek and Turkish culinary adventures.


Sample legendary Italian produce and cuisine in the famous food region of Emilia Romagna on our 11-Day Italy’s Epicurean Heart journey. 
Italy is a mouth-watering masterpiece. Food plays such an important part of life in Italy, in fact Federico Fellini once said, “life is a combination of magic and pasta". Celebrate Italian food and flair as you indulge in a variety of Italian specialties from the complex sweet and sour balance of Balsamic Vinegar to the freshest locally produced Mozzarella and the acclaimed wines of the Chianti region.  
Discover Rome’s ruins and Romanesque flavours before travelling to Sorrento, Perugia, Bologna and Tuscany to taste diverse regional local specialties.

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