Destination: Himeji Castle, Japan

From its ancient Samurai culture to present-day Japanese anime, the ‘land of the rising sun’ has always had its own unmistakable identity. 

You’ll find that same element of uniqueness in everything you come across in this proud and distinctive country, whether it’s glittering skyscrapers or ancient temples, snow-capped peaks or state-of-the-art entertainment complexes.

Explore the bright lights of Fukuoka, Osaka and Tokyo – the world’s most populated city – and marvel at the innovative technologies that distinguish them and Japan’s other modern meccas. Marvel at magnificent skyscrapers, travel on bullet trains that are the envy of the world, visit factories that set global standards for innovation and productivity, and retail precincts that offer every modern wonder imaginable.

Discover a land where Samurai are still revered, not just in traditional corners, but in powerful corporations and bustling modern marketplaces. Delight in the simplicity of beautiful temples and serene gardens. Encounter authentic Geishas and Maikos (apprentice Geishas) and learn to master the art of Taiko drumming, Sarubobo mascot making and handcrafting sushi. You’ll get to learn about sumo wrestling and the Samurai, and bow before ancient shrines. Japan is a land of spirituality and tradition, and you’ll have every opportunity to embrace it all.

Why travel to Japan with Scenic?

With Scenic, the perks and privileges come included. Enjoy a full range of luxurious benefits that will enhance your experience throughout your journey.
  • Scenic Enrich
    Our seasoned Journey Designers have handpicked and created a range of unique experiences that will be among the highlights of your journey. Enjoy a romantic dinner at candlelit step well, releasing sacred offerings on the Ganges, discover the world of a Geisha and sumo wrestlers and prepare food for endangered Giant pandas.
  • Special Stays
    From luxury resorts in scenic locations to iconic hotels in bustling cities, you’ll enjoy the very best accommodation available wherever you stay with Scenic. Our hotels are selected on more than reputation alone, rather on a combination of location, character and ambience to ensure your hotel stay is truly reflective of your destination.
  • Scenic Freechoice
    You can choose between a vast range of activities, sightseeing and dining experiences to ensure you only see what you want to see and do what you want to do, at a tempo that suits you. From history to culture, cuisine to nature, there’s a wealth of options for everyone.
  • The Nth Degree
    We've thought about the details so you don't have to, from personal airport transfers, first-class transport and local guides. All tips and gratuities are included.
  • Freechoice Dining
    You'll be delighted by the sheer range of dining options available, from local and indigenous fare to specialty cuisines from around the world.
  • High Speed Train Travel
    First Class high speed train travel in Japan, on the world-renowned Shinkansen bullet trains.
  • Local Knowledge
    Enjoy the intimacy of fully escorted small group touring with your knowledgeable local guides and expert Tour Directors.
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5-star hotels


You'll find that the wonders of Japan are even more delightful when you're ensconced in the comfort and luxury of the region's most prestigious hotels. At the Capitol Hotel Tokyu, your rooms incorporate traditional Japanese-style architecture for a refined Japanese modern ambience overlooking a panoramic view of Tokyo city and Palace grounds. In Hakone, soak in the views over the beautiful gardens and Lake Ashinoko from Hotel de Yama. In Osaka, the Hilton Osaka and its Executive Floor rooms is the perfect location from which to explore this amazing modern city. 

Scenic Enrich

To truly immerse yourself in any land, or connect with the local people, it’s not enough to merely visit the sights, however wondrous they may be. Enjoy a private dinner with a Maiko in Japan and discover exactly what’s involved in becoming a Geisha. Partake in traditional customs and activities, such as origami donation at Hiroshima’s Peace Park or learning to play Taiko drums. Visit the Sumo Museum to experience a private sumo demonstration and learn the discipline of the samurai sword. These are just some of the unique experiences that will make your journey truly unforgettable.

Scenic Rail

Japan has state-of-the-art high-speed rail systems, and our itineraries allow you to enjoy the world-renowned Shinkansen bullet trains. The high speed and Shinkansen bullet trains offer several advantages over air travel including more foot room than most economy flights, especially the 1st Class and Green Class (Business) seats. Not only can you expect a smooth ride, you’ll also get the opportunity to enjoy the wondrous scenery passing by, all the while barely conscious of the fact that you’re moving so fast.