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Discover Osaka

Japan’s third-largest city is an unassuming antidote to the nation’s flashy capital Tokyo, an ultra-urban, commercial playground famous for its delicious local cuisine.

Our luxurious Osaka tours glide through the very best Japan has to offer, immersing you in the many wonders of this contemporary nation with a very traditional soul grounded in the wisdom of the ancients.

Like the sleekly efficient Shinkansen bullet train you will enjoy with us in Business Class comfort, our Osaka tours combine the ease of luxury travel with access to all the sites and experiences to indulge the inquisitive traveller.

Taking in the neon lights of Tokyo, the rural beauty of Hakone and the Five Lakes District, at the foot of the magnificent Mt Fuji, picturesque Kyoto and magical Miyajima Island as well as beautiful Hiroshima, Takayama and Nagoya before ending in Osaka.

Our Osaka tours take you to the essential Japan where you can sample Osaka’s delicious, signature dish of savoury pancakes known as okonomiyaki, and join in the fun by trying your hand at pachinko, Japan’s answer to pinball and a favourite pastime of Osaka locals before entering into the timeless village of Tondabayashi Jinaimaichi, a step back in time to the significant Edo period and enjoying Osaka’s many splendid cultural wonders.

Our 17 Day Essential Japan tour is a luxurious journey combining the finest train travel, scenic cruises and overland passes with an exciting itinerary crafted by our team of expert journey Designers.

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The difference is Scenic

Enjoy a luxurious personalised experience in Japan with Scenic.

Our passion for providing the ultimate in travel, combining exclusive access to richly authentic cultural experiences and all the first-class comforts of an opulent holiday, the Scenic experience takes your Osaka tours to the Nth Degree:

  • Personal Touch - We keep our groups capped at 24 guests, providing you with an intimate experience. Our expert Tour Directors are available at all times on your Osaka tour, happily answering any questions, offering advice and ensuring your comfort.
  • Travel in Style - All travel whether it's via road, ship or rail is of first-class standard. Our day excursions can sometimes include local travel varieties for an authentic experience.
  • Local Knowledge - All our guides and Tour Directors are experienced, English-speaking local experts with insider local knowledge and insights to share with you. They’ll take you to all the must-see highlights as well as the hidden gems only locals know about.
  • Convenience Plus - The itineraries of our Osaka tours are designed with efficiency in mind. There is no back-tracking or unnecessary waiting around. We’ll provide private buses and shuttle services where necessary and pre-arrange VIP access to all appropriate sites and theatre shows.
  • Exclusive Access - We’ll treat you to a private tour, exclusive access or VIP status at major tourist sites where possible. We want you to enjoy the wonders of Japan ahead of the crowds.
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Destinations and experiences

The contemporary, the rural and the ancient wonders of Japan are revealed for you.

Beginning in Tokyo, visit to the exquisite Imperial Shinto Meji Shrine and stroll along the architecturally diverse Omotesando Walk or relax in the picturesque Shinjinku-Gyoen Garden before doing some shopping at the bustling Shinjinku entertainment district.

Our Osaka tours also include the opportunity to explore the historic buildings of the Yanaka and marvel at the Sensoji, the oldest Buddhist temple in Asakusa before taking a luxurious scenic cruise along the Sumida River. We Enrich your experience of Tokyo with a dinner cruise on a yakatabune, an old-fashioned houseboat where you will enjoy the bright lights of the city from peaceful Tokyo Bay. Dress in a traditional kimono to experience and participate in the time-honoured Japanese traditional tea ceremony.

In the Five Lakes District, our Japan experiences include a peaceful cable-car ride up to the eerily beautiful Owakudani geothermal area. A cruise along Lake Ashinoko with the glorious Mt Fuji as a backdrop is breathtaking.

Step off your refreshing Shinkansen train trip from Nagoya into historic Kyoto, home to many World Heritage-listed sites including the beautiful Philosopher’s Walk and the Fushimi Inari Shrine made up over four kilometres of vermillion tori gates and featured in the movie ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’. Enjoy an elegant Kyomai traditional dance performance in the Gion District.

In Osaka visit the traditional home of the Toyotomi Clan, at Osaka Castle before seeing how the region’s famous Asahi beer is made before a delicious kaiseki meal.

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Discover wonder in Osaka

Every journey is rich with wonder and possibility.

Our signature Enrich experiences and Freechoice activities provide the Scenic traveller with exclusive access to some of Japan’s hidden secrets. Choose from an exciting range of activities and experiences and do what you want to do, at a pace that suits you.

Scenic Enrich

Our unique, Enrich experiences are special, all-inclusive multi-sensory cultural activities that are entirely exclusive to the Scenic traveller.

On our Osaka tours, we Enrich your stay in Kyoto with a rare opportunity to interact with a Maiko, an apprentice Geisha during a meal presentation.

Partake in a Japanese tea ceremony and learn to dress in a traditional Kimono, you'll have plenty of time to take some great photos. In Tokyo, partake in an interactive private group Taiko drumming demonstration by Master drummers.

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Scenic Freechoice

Our Freechoice activity options offer you the flexibility to take the days on your Osaka tour with us as you like by selecting from a range of sightseeing activities conveniently arranged into Active, Moderate and Relaxed paces.

Learn about the history of Osaka by visiting the Museum of History and Osaka Castle. Originally built in the late 16th century, but has been rebuilt many times due to war and fires.

Get your bearings in this huge metropolis from 170 metres up at the Floating Garden Observatory in the Umeda Sky Building. On your walking tour of Osaka visit the eccentric downtown area and get a real feel for this vibrant and modern city.

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