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Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

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Be inspired by the natural wonders of Chile

South America is a many-splendoured continent, with each country and territory more sublime than the last. Chile’s magnificent untouched natural wonders will astound and inspire.

Our luxurious Chile tours traverse the gems of South America including the unique and complimentary Argentine and Chilean regions of spectacular Patagonia through to the thriving Chilean capital of Santiago.

We combine the ease and comfort of luxury travel with adventurous itineraries to delight the inquisitive traveller.

Our Chile tours will let you get up as up close to the awe-inspiring nature on display as you like, and we also provide numerous options for those who’d like to enjoy South America  in a relaxing manner – and all between.

Stretching over 4,300 kilometres from the middle of South America to its southernmost tip, spanning the dry Atacama Desert to vast, glacial wonderlands, Chile is a country of surprisingly diverse landscapes and our Chile tours include the lush valleys, the peaks of the Paine Massif as well as winding through ancient forests, volcanoes and glacial fjords in first-class comfort.

Travelling via luxurious ships, drives, and railways, our exciting Chile tours explore the spectacular wildlife of the pristine Galapagos Islands, the miraculous architecture of Machu Picchu and the mighty Amazon. Explore the South American delights of Quito in Ecuador, the Iguazu Falls at Lima, the Sacred Valley, Cuzco and the vibrant cities of Rio de Janiero and Buenos Aires.

Our many Chile tours include immersive 41 and 39 day options, and a time-economical 18 day tour with all options in between.


The difference is Scenic

At Scenic we believe luxury is standard, and found in the thoughtful details.

Our passion for providing the ultimate in travel, combining exclusive access to richly authentic cultural experiences and all the first-class comforts of an opulent holiday, on any of our Chile tours the Scenic experience includes:

  • Exclusive Access - We’ll treat you to a private tour, exclusive access or VIP status at all major tourist sites whenever possible. As a guest of the Torres del Paine National Park, your luxurious retreat rests in the heart of the park on the shores of Lake Pehoé.
  • Personal Touch - We keep our groups limited to 36 guests, minimising travel time and maximising your intimate experience of the wonders of South America. You’ll be personally greeted at the airport and transported to your hotel. All transfers, including to departure points are personalised and inclusive.
  • Travel in Style - All travel whether it is over land, water or via rail, is of first-class standard to ensure your ultimate comfort. Our day excursions sometimes include local travel options for an authentic experience.
  • Local Knowledge - All our guides and Tour Directors are English-speaking local experts with insider insights to share exclusively with you. They’ll take you to all the must-see highlights as well as the hidden gems known only to locals.
  • Included value - There are no hidden costs, on-tour upselling and all tipping and gratuities are included.
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Destinations and experiences

Our Chile tours take you through nature’s playgrounds and into the villages and cities of South America, with exquisite attention to detail.

Pristine and wild, Patagonia is a world away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. The epic landscapes of the region that is shared by Argentina and Chile will take your breath away.

Torres del Paine National Park is often described as South America's finest. With granite pillars soaring into the sku, pristine lakes that stretch for days, and lush forrests and an abundance of wildlife.

Drive through the spectacular national park and during your stay you'll be able to select from over 50 activities to explore at your own pace and interest.

Our Chile tours also journey deep into the heart of South America on a luxury cruise into the Amazon rainforest. Explore remote Amazon tributaries on kayak, or spot monkeys and rare birds on a jungle, and you’ll visit local villages and meet native Amazonians.

In the El Valle Sagrado, the majestic Sacred Valley of the Incas you’ll explore from the Inca Salt Plains to the ruins of Ollantaytambo and we Enrich your experience with a display of the ‘dancing’ Paso horses before a delicious Andean feast at Hacienda Huayocarri.


South American Tour Experiences

Our signature Enrich, Freechoice and Sundowners experiences take your South American experience to the Nth Degree.

Scenic Enrich

Our unique, Enrich experiences are special, all-inclusive multi-sensory cultural activities that are entirely exclusive to the Scenic traveller.

Extend your Chile tour with additional nights in Santiago and enjoy a lunch complemented with Chilean wines in the Casablanca Valley. In Torres Del Paine National Park, enjoy the magnificent views over the lake while you savour the Patagonian specialties.

Scenic Freechoice

Our Freechoice activity options offer you the flexibility to take the days on your South American tour with us as you like by selecting from a vast range of sightseeing options and activities.

In El Calafate you can immerse yourself in the traditional way of life on an estancia (ranch) in the Argentinean countryside or you could choose to explore the stunning scenery on an off road adventure on a 4x4 through the Calafate Mountain park.

Scenic Sundowners

Held in stunning, often exclusive locations, our Sundowners events are opportunities to toast your day’s discoveries with your fellow Scenic guests, basking in the surroundings of South America.

In Los Glaciers National Park, toast the wonders of Patagonia with a glass of whiskey or Baileys over ice taken from the glacier itself.

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