Corporate Responsibility

Our ongoing commitment to the environment

At Scenic we are committed to preserving the wonders of the remarkable destinations you will enjoy on your holiday. As an industry leader, we are committed to taking responsibility for the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the day-to-day operations of an international touring business. We will continue to work towards minimising the impact of our administrative operations on the environment and climate change, and take positive action whenever we can.


Scenic has joined Climate Friendly™, an Australian based organisation committed to reducing large scale greenhouse gas emissions by funding renewable energy projects. Since 2003, Climate Friendly™ has been helping businesses and individuals to take positive action on their carbon emissions in any activity that uses energy. They help Scenic and our guests offset the carbon emissions from their travel at the same time as contributing towards the clean energy industry.

Climate friendly offices

Since the start of 2007 Scenic have partnered with Climate Friendly™ to make our Australian offices and sales team climate friendly. We have formed a committee dedicated to further reducing our environmental impact and increasing the efficiency of our operations.

Climate Friendly Touring & Cruising

Climate Friendly™ have calculated the average daily greenhouse emissions for the luxury hotels, coach, rail and cruise travel that feature in our European itineraries and for just $5 per person per day you can offset your European Holiday. Simply let your travel agent know that you wish to take the Scenic GreenChoice option and Scenic will add GreenChoice to your booking. The money you spend will support new renewable energy projects that prevent as much greenhouse gas from entering our atmosphere as your tour will have released.

Carbon Credits

Scenic purchases carbon credits from Climate Friendly™ to fund renewable energy projects such as wind and solar energy plants. Scenic commit to periodically measure our carbon footprint, offset the unavoidable emissions by purchasing the equal amount of carbon credits as our offices, sales team and staff flights produce in emissions per year.

Climate Friendly Flights

By purchasing carbon credits for your flights to and from your holiday destination, as well as your tour, your holiday will be offset. It is easy to offset your flights with Climate Friendly’s online calculator, where you can calculate and offset the impact of your flights. Offset your flights can be done directly though Climate Friendly™. Please visit Return flights to Europe will generally cost around $200-$250 per person to offset.

What does being a climate friendly business mean?

Being a Climate Friendly Business means that we have measured 100% of emissions generated from our business operations from the current reporting period, and are taking steps to reduce the greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere and offsetting the unavoidable emissions that are created. Scenic have committed to taking these steps - effectively becoming a Climate Friendly Business.

You too can take action on climate change by measuring and offsetting your personal contribution to climate change – such as your electricity use, your car use and your flights.